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The Journey to Finding the Love of Your Life

Free Webinar

with Matt & Stephanie Sorger

We are excited to spend this time with you. Today Stephanie and I will be sharing our marriage testimony and important relationship lessons we learned along to the way to finding our covenant soul mate. We pray our time together inspires your heart and helps equip you on your journey to finding the one God has for you. You are worthy of all God has for you, including an amazing soul mate to do life together with.

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We have SO MUCH MORE to share with you.

This journey is probably the most important one you will take, besides the journey to finding Christ as your Savior. We want to help you navigate through all the pitfalls and mistakes people make and spare your heart unnecessary heartache. You can successfully find the life long covenant soul mate that God has for you and experience the blessing of an amazing marriage. The joy Stephanie and I have found in our marriage you can have as well.

Stephanie and I want to spend more time with you! God has spoken to our hearts to do a special extended mentoring e-course in The Journey to Finding the Love of Your Life. Now is the time to find your soul mate!

This will be a seven session video e-course with teaching, sharing the relationship lessons we’ve learned, a question and answer time, and prayer and personal impartation for you! It will be real, vulnerable and life changing.

Meeting the right person for marriage is just the beginning! You need to know how to walk the process out. We will give you tools that empower you all the way through until marriage.

Topics covered in this intimate, honest and up-close mentoring video e-course with Matt and Stephanie:

  • The Waiting Years
  • Is He/She the One?
  • Identifying Red Flags and Avoiding Pitfalls
  • Know Your Value & What You're Worthy Of
  • Healthy Boundaries & Living Holy While Single
  • Sex & Singleness
  • How to be Healed of a Broken Heart & Breaking Past Ungodly Soul Ties



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