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Open Heavens - VOL 9 (DVD)

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1. Chuck Pierce - The Next Ten Years: A Time Of Supernatural Shifting
Pierce explains how the church is now entering a ten-year season of Open Heavens & supernatural activity. Among the highlights in this new season is that the church will move beyond the “going-around-the-same-mountain” syndrome and move into a time of unprecedented open heavens. It promises to be the most supernatural ten years you’ve ever lived through.

2. Chuck Pierce - Advancing Into The Next Season
Pierce explains how the “radiance and the brilliance of Heaven’s treasures will enter the earth’s realm” in this next season. But he also gives clues as to how to keep the enemy from distracting you and delaying your inheritance.

3. Matt Sorger - Spiritual Pattern For Dominion, Increase and Multiplication
As the church advances into obtaining new ground, Matt shows how imperative it is to make sure you’ve built your altars first. Once we put God in His rightful place, then God, in this new season, breaks through for us in the opening of wells, old and new, and the receiving of our rightful inheritance.

4. Bill Hamon - Activating Your Prophetic Gift
Hamon activates an entire auditorium to their prophetic gifting. This is a wonderful guideline to follow to activate the prophetic gift with your own small group.

5. Bill Hamon - The Third Church Reformation
This is an informative chronicle of church history from the time of Christ, which dovetails to where we are right now as a church. Hamon cites 2008 as a time when the third Church Reformation began. In this season, the church finally understands that each saint is called to ministry – not necessarily behind a pulpit, but in their daily routine and involvement with others.

6. Matt Sorger - Love Reformation
This new church reformation is a reformation of supernatural love in the church. It is the ingredient that the world will know we are Christians. And, it is the love of God that literally moves you to power and your destiny.

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