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Glory, Fire & Rain Conference - VOL 10 (DVD)

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1. Matt Sorger - Moving Beyond Your Borders & Limitations
Your have been destined, like Joseph, to be a fruitful bough, planted by a well whose branches run over the wall. In this message you will learn how to overcome every hindrance and obstacle in your life and experience the abundant fruitful life God has called you to live.
2. Stacey Campbell - Ecstatic Prophesy
Power gifts and prophesy are needed more than ever for the challenging days ahead. Stacey Campbell gives a powerful biblical overview of the term, Ecstatic Prophesy, showing how the Bible is filled with references on how the Holy Spirit accompanies prophecy with power. Learn how you can move in greater realms of power and prophecy.
3. Veronica Sorger - How Big Is Your Shadow?
Have you desired to be so close to the Lord that His light causes such a powerful shadow to be cast from you that it impacts those all around you? How big is your shadow? Veronica Sorger shows how you can influence and impact many by walking in power of the light of God.
4. Stacey Campbell - Light Shines Brightest In Darkness
As the world grows increasingly dark, the light in God’s people will grow increasingly bright. Stacey Campbell prepares the body of Christ to move in greater power and authority by living in the light and glory of God. You will be anointed to radiate God’s light, love and presence in a new dimension of His glory on your life!

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