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Open Heavens - VOL 10 (DVD)

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1. Matt Sorger - The Making Of A Warrior
In this message Matt Sorger unlocks destinies as he equips believers with the artillery of the Word of God, giving out essential keys on how to take down our individual Goliaths.  Matt makes it clear that we will not step into our destinies without a fight, sharing on the results and power of the smooth stones of sustainability, endurance, brokenness, repentance, and faith. This is a vital word that will catapult you to your next level of influence, authority, power, and victory in your land of inheritance.

2. Cindy Jacobs - Releasing The Kingdom Of God To Disciple Nations
This is a crucial message where Cindy Jacobs discusses the importance of holiness as we walk forth in the great commission of Christ. “When you walk into a movie theatre, are you risking your holiness for the sake of entertainment,” she questions. Cindy shares that God wants to marry righteousness and justice. We are obligated as believers to take the message of holiness into the world and the industries of society. “We need holiness preaching,” she zealously states. Cindy also shares on God’s heart to see the eradication of systemic poverty, and the successful implementation of this vision in her local church and the potential for the impact the church can have on the world in establishing God’s Kingdom.

3. James Goll - Battle Plan For Overcomers
In this message of truth, James Goll clearly explains that all true spiritual warfare is positioned against the Son of God in your life. We are all called to be in the Army of the Lord, and General James Goll gives invaluable warfare strategies and points on how to overcome. It is the enemy’s tactic for the believer to be deceived to think that opposition means you are doing something wrong, but take note! “Bounce back boy,” James Goll shares from his own personal life experiences that demonic opposition means you may just be doing something right! You will be able to apply what James teaches concerning overcoming spiritual warfare in every area of your life!

4. Cindy Jacobs - Rebuilding The Tabernacle Of David
Cindy Jacobs has a dream. And this dream is of the rebuilding of the tabernacle of David. In this message, prophetic and intercessory general Cindy Jacobs discusses an important key to releasing souls, wealth, social justice, and reformation in the end times. It is the key of David and the restoration of his tabernacle. Cindy discusses how 24/7 worship and prayer should be established in communities all over the nations, "so that the rest of mankind may seek the Lord."

5. Robert Stearns - Watchmen On The Wall
Heaven’s clarion call is beckoning NOW for watchmen to stand on the wall for the nation of Israel. As an ambassador of the Kingdom of God, it is the heart passion and assignment of Robert Stearns to make the Body of Christ aware of this urgent matter.  There is no coincidence that Jerusalem is mentioned in the Bible 700 times. And in this message Robert gives clarity on our role as “saints of righteous acts,” to see God’s heart for Jerusalem accomplished upon the earth today. We are coming into a season of divine acceleration and, “It is time for us to be willing to be answers to our very own prayers,” discusses Robert Stearns. He continues on to share that, “this is a battle for sound.” The consequences of losing this battle may be much higher than you realized.

6. James Goll - Signs Of The Third Great Awakening
In this powerful message James Goll shares a riveting and prophetic dream that included David Yonggi Cho and the coming great spiritual awakening. It is a message of hope and a celebration of the God of the NOW, as the Body of Christ stands on the brink of societal transformation and reformation, where ordinary people will be empowered to do extraordinary acts. James also teaches on the differences between revival, renewal, outpouring, and awakening.

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