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New Year Prophetic Conference - VOL 11 (DVD)

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1. David Herzog - The Power of Your Thoughts
David Herzog opens up the first night with God prophetically speaking through him several key prophetic insights for the New Year. God wants us fearless, stepping out in radical miracles. God is about to use natural gifts that are in His people in the secular world. People will operate as both a king and a priest as they function in both spiritual and secular jobs. Herzog also shared a powerful teaching on the power of your thoughts. As a man thinks in his heart so is he.

2. David Herzog - Magnify Your Ministry
In his second session Herzog teaches an amazing biblical principle on how to see God’s supernatural expansion and multiplication in your life and ministry. When things look like they are going in the reverse direction, God is only pulling you back like an arrow in a bow, so you can go further! Using Romans 11:13-14, Herzog shows us how to magnify one’s ministry.

3. Matt Sorger - Divine Alignment & Freedom from Jezebel
God’s anointing moved in a tangible way during Matt Sorger’s meeting, as people were set free and empowered to overcome the spirit of Jezebel that was trying to silence the prophetic voice of God within them. Matt declared, “There is a prophetic voice on the inside of you. Everything that has tried to silence your voice is being broken!” During this session, people were set into divine alignment for the New Year as Matt declared that they will be “rightly aligned into God’s perfect will with every hindrance removed and broken.”

4. Matt Sorger - Accessing God's Favor
In the closing session of the conference, Matt Sorger delivered a powerful message from the Lord about accessing God’s divine favor in your life for this year. In this life-changing message, Matt reveals how we are marked by God’s glory. He shows how the realm of glory releases God’s favor in our lives.

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