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Glory, Signs & Wonders - VOL 11 (DVD)

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1. Joshua Mills - Seven Levels of Supernatural Receiving
Joshua proclaims a word from the Lord that we are moving from our past season into a new dimension of God’s glory. Mills proclaims, “The battle belongs to the Lord, but the blessing belongs to you!” Joshua’s now word from the Lord will empower you to access God’s divine favor over your life. This message must be heard by all.

2. Georgian Banov - Living from Your True Identity
Georgian Banov brings forth a powerful and joy-filled message on the power of our true identity. We are no longer sinners, we are sons! As you listen to Georgian’s teaching you will learn how to stay immersed in God’s supernatural abundant life everyday!

3. Joshua Mills - Overcoming a Poverty Spirit
Mills teaches on overcoming the poverty spirit, not just in our giving, but in our receiving. Get ready to receive God’s abundance pressed down, shaken together and running over! This teaching will release your faith to walk in supernatural overflow.

4. Heidi Baker - Receiving the Lavish Love of God
Heidi teaches on the lavish love of God from the book of Colossians. In this teaching you will learn how to receive your inheritance in God and access all the favor and blessing He has for you.

5. Heidi Baker - Love Looks Like Something
This message will completely wreck you, in a good way, about what love looks like! As Heidi shared, the love and heart of God was so strong, Matt just sat there and wept, completely overcome by God’s heart for the world. Many others experienced the same touch from God. You need to hear this message! It will transform your heart and life.

6. Matt Sorger - Manifesting the Glory of a True Son
The closing session of the conference was explosive! The presence of God was so strong that the crowd continued to erupt in spontaneous praise that could not be stopped. Matt Sorger ministered on how to manifest the glory of a true son. And on how to achieve a greater weight of glory on your life. This teaching will set you completely free to be who God has destined you to be!

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