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Generational Convergence - Honor Releases Blessing (MP3)

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Generational Convergence - Honor Releases Blessing

We are in a season of generational convergence. Malachi 4:5-6 prophecies about this strategic turning of hearts. God is sending a prophetic anointing turning the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers. As the generations are turned towards one another the way is prepared for the coming of the great day of the Lord. This generational unity will also release the full inheritance promised to the church in this hour. As the generations converge together tremendous spiritual blessing is released.

God is a multi generational God. The obedience of one generation releases blessings for those following. And as new generations honor the ones that have gone before, deep wells of God’s Spirit are released and accessed. We see this illustrated in Gen 26:4-5 in the generations of Abraham and Isaac. Isaac was blessed because of the obedience of Abraham his father. As Isaac honored the heritage and legacy left behind by Abraham, he had a choice to make. As he entered the land God had prepared for him he could have settled for a quick temporal fix by going to Egypt which appeared prosperous or he could remain and settle in the land of his inheritance, the land given to Abraham and his descendants by God. He had a choice. It wasn’t automatic.

The land first looked barren and desolate. But as Isaac chose to occupy the land God had promised, he sowed in that land and God brought a 100 fold blessing in the same year he planted and God made him great with many abundant blessings. But we see something very interesting in this story. The Philistines had sought to wipe out the memory of the past generation by burying Abraham’s wells. They were trying to take back the land that Abraham had acquired by God. Wells are significant as they mark the ownership of territory. If Abraham’s wells could be covered over and forgotten, succeeding generations would lose the inheritance belonging to them.

Isaac begins to re-dig the wells of Abraham his father. As he does this a contention arises over the wells and the territory. But no matter what resistance Isaac faces, he continues to dig. Even when pushed into the valley, he stills digs. Eventually God makes room for him and causes him to be fruitful in the land of his inheritance. He then digs new wells in his generation that Abraham did not dig in his.

It is so important that as the corporate church matures from generation to generation that we don’t lose what God imparted and released through past generations. It’s easy for a new generation to be born and have no knowledge of what God released in a previous generation. This is why generational convergence is so crucial. Wisdom, revelation, truth and anointing are passed down from generation to generation as the generations are in relationship with one another. This is what brings the growing body of Christ into higher levels of maturity. We must preserve and maintain what God did in the past while continuing to lay hold of the new.

We are in a season where I believe we must educate ourselves on the past seasons of what God released in the church. We must also continue to dig new wells and understand what God is speaking today in a fresh way. Streams are converging together. Revelation and truths are merging together. As these different anointings are embraced the full manifestation of God is revealed in the church.

For example, wells of healing were opened in the 1950’s with the voice of healing movement. In the 1970’s the outpouring and gifts of the Spirit manifested in the Charismatic renewal. In the 1980’s the prophetic gifts were restored to the church. In the 1990’s we experienced the Father’s love and healing for the whole man. As we entered the 2000’s the apostolic move of God gained momentum with that gift office being restored in the heart and mind of the the church. The church began to realize it wasn’t just about escaping in the rapture, but it was about occupying and establishing the Kingdom of God and reaching souls for Christ. It was about bringing God into every aspect of society and not just wanting to escape. As we embrace all the streams God is releasing in the church, we will experience the fullness of His power and glory in these last days. The church will be glorious, full of strength and power advancing God’s Kingdom in the earth.

God recently gave me a prophetic teaching on Generational Convergence. I felt to share this teaching download with you because of the crucial hour we are living in. I believe it is strategic in each one of us walking in the fullness of our spiritual inheritance. There is power released in unity. As each generation blesses and honors one another, we will all experience the fullness of what God has.

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