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Keys to Established Breakthrough (CD)

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Your time for established breakthrough is NOW.

These anointed messages and times of question and answer will empower you with supernatural truth. God not only wants to give you breakthrough on every level in your life, but He wants to establish you in that breakthrough!

Messages include:

  1. Keys for Established Breakthrough – Session 1
  2. Keys for Established Breakthrough – Session 2
  3. The Breaker Anointing
  4. You Can Breakthrough Every Limitation
  5. FREE Bonus Question & Answer Session

Here’s a testimony from the Day of Breakthrough in New York:

I’m beyond words! This was exactly what God has been doing in my life and what I needed. I was overwhelmed by the presence of God and the anointing. I’m so glad I obeyed God and came to the Day of Breakthrough! Thanks for making this possible. - Andrea

If you missed it, you can still receive from the anointing that was present in the meetings. We are making all the sessions available for you!

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