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BOGO: Advancing Your Destiny & Are You Called or Chosen (CD)

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Advancing Your Destiny
How to Pull Your Future into Your Now

There is power in vision. When you can see with the eyes of the Spirit, all the limitations of the natural are removed. In this powerful four part teaching series Matt teaches with scriptural clarity how to pull God’s timing into your “now moment”. Matt addresses the concept of God’s timing and brings some much needed truth and revelation into this area. You will also learn how to live with a spirit of excellence and advance your life and ministry forward with exponential growth. Get ready to access God’s supernatural grace and power in your life today!

Teachings Include:
The Power of Vision and Destiny
Advancing Your Destiny with Excellence
Pulling Your Future into Your Now
Unleashing Your Prophetic Promise

Are You Called or Chosen?

The bible teaches that “many are called, but few are chosen.” What does it mean to be called by God and how do we qualify to become chosen. How do we transition from receiving a call from God to actually manifesting that call in reality? In this teaching series, Matt will answer these questions and much more. You will gain a deeper understanding into how to mature into the anointing God places on your life and what tests you need to pass in order to be promoted to a higher level of influence and authority. Get ready to walk in the fullness of what God has for you! 

Teachings Include:
Are You Called or Chosen?
Maturing into Your Mantle
Passing the Test of Honor

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