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BOGO: Prophetic Activation & Shift Your Season (CD)

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Prophetic Activation
Training and Impartation in Prophetic Ministry

The Bible teaches us to earnestly desire spiritual gifts, especially prophecy. It also says that ALL may prophesy. You can both receive and grow in the gift of prophecy. In this teaching set you will learn:

  • The Foundations for Prophecy
  • How to Discern God's Voice
  • How to More Clearly See in the Spirit
  • Different Types of Prophecy
  • The Difference Between the Office of Prophet & the Gift of Prophecy
  • How to Operate in Words of Knowledge
  • How to Effectively Practice Prophecy & Grow in this Gift

Teachings Include:
Prophesying the Gold in People
The Gift of Prophecy & The Prophetic Office
Discerning God's Voice and Words of Knowledge
Activating & Practicing Prophecy

Shift Your Season

Many get stuck in a negative season longer than they have to. You have more power than you think to see your season change. Learn how to shift your season, see God’s destiny manifested in your life, see everything the enemy has stolen restored seven fold, reverse every area of hidden captivity, and obtain the good harvest God has for you.

Teachings Include:
Shift Your Season
Seven Fold Restoration
Reversing Your Captivity
Obtaining Your Harvest

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