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Glory, Signs & Wonders - VOL 8 (DVD)

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1. Heidi Baker - Intimacy with Jesus
The first step to changing the world is if we can get pastors, missionaries and ministers to lay down their lives for Christ – then there will be no stopping this mighty move of God throughout the earth. Learn how to draw closer to the Lord and be propelled to your calling.

2. Georgian Banov - Jesus Is Romancing His Bride
The Lord is beautifying the church (removing the façade of religion and dead works) to prepare Himself a bride without spot or wrinkle. Learn about how the Lord is romancing His bride (and each individual – including you!) for greater intimacy.

3. David Herzog - Glory Invasion Part 1
The Lord is moving in countless and miraculous ways throughout the earth, showing Himself strong, glorious and powerful. Be inspired as you hear where and how the Lord is miraculously showing Himself strong in the world through visitations and heavenly experiences.

4. Matt Sorger - The Power of Vision and Destiny
You have to dream a dream – and this dream will precede your destiny. If you’re lost without vision or destiny or hope, learn how to move in the power of vision and destiny.

5. Matt Sorger - Transfiguration Glory
The transfiguration glory actually empowers you to change, layer upon layer, into the very image of Jesus Christ. It literally aids you in your stand against sin and your change from the inside out. We all need this transfiguring glory.

6. David Herzog - Glory Invasion Part 2
You’ll be inspired to hear the many reports around the world where the Lord is invading areas with His glory and visitations you didn’t think was possible. Muslims, atheists, people who never knew the Lord are coming to know the saving power of our Lord Jesus.

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